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New Utility Formation

Starting from scratch to boots on the ground

From complete system design to construction, maintenance and 24-hour customer service, we can help you build your utility and keep it ticking with a custom package of bundled services. We work with you to determine how much energy your system will require and how to maximize output, achieve economies of scale and keep prices down.

We can create a detailed task plan to set up your new electric utility and prepare the permits, policies, procedures and paperwork you need to get up and running.

Our services include:

  • Budget & Schedule Forecasts
  • Required Permits, Interconnections & Regulatory Filings
  • Utility Start-Up Documents
  • Line Extension Agreements
  • Temporary Service Applications
  • Added Facilities Agreements
  • Applications for Service
  • Utility Operation Standards

ENCO uses the latest engineering standards and technologies to design, construct and install world-class electric distribution systems.

Our services include:

  • Engineering Design & Analysis
  • PPA Negotiations
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Site Preparation
  • Interconnections
  • Metering

We provide comprehensive project management services for the construction of your system.

Our services include:

  • Commissioning Contractors
  • Assistance with Construction Period Financing
  • Inspection of Conduits, Structures & Electrical Equipment
  • Project Scheduling, Budgeting & Reporting
  • Communications Management
  • Management of Contractor Warranties

We understand that ongoing and proactive maintenance is at the core of an efficient and reliable utility. We can provide both scheduled and emergency maintenance to keep things running efficiently in the field.

Our services include:

  • Equipment Inspection
  • Monitoring of System Output, Capacity & Performance
  • 24-hour Emergency Service Response
  • Vehicles & Equipment
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
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Whether you are trying to municipalize, or are needing the expertise to run a municipal utility, ENCO has you covered.

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